5 top tips for using FT.com to help prepare for job interview questions

Over 300 business schools globally provide digital Financial Times access to their students and one of the main benefits cited is how access to FT.com has been invaluable in preparing for interview questions. In a recent survey, 89% of students said that access to international news is vital when preparing for a job interview. FT.com has a variety of tools that can be used for interview preparation and in this post I’m going to highlight the top 5 tips for using FT.com to help you prepare for that all important job interview.

1. FirstFT Email Briefing

First FT is great for interview questions

A great place to start is our daily curated FirstFT email briefing which keeps you abreast on the most important news around the world. Think of it as a ‘one stop shop’ for interview preparation which will allow you to demonstrate your level of current awareness and impress a potential interviewer. See a recent example of the email briefing here and to sign up just visit www.ft.com/newsletters 

2. Special Reports Archive

Special Reports used for interview preparation

An easy way to research the most important topics affecting a variety of industries and markets, is to take a look at our Special Reports library. Here you can find an archive of all the Special reports we have published over the past few years on a whole host of topics. Each report offers a deep-dive on trends and events impacting different industries which have a longer shelf life than your average news story. These articles will certainly help you brush up on essential interview knowledge for the sector you are applying to.

3. myFT Company and Topic Alerts

myFT alerts are great for leading up to interviews

In the days or weeks leading up to the interview, you should setup myFT alerts for the companies and industry sectors you are applying to. myFT is your customizable homepage which displays the most recent stories for the companies and topics you have chosen to follow. These can then also be delivered by email as a daily digest to ensure you don’t miss any important stories leading up to interview day. When you hear a typical interview question such as “what do you know about our company?”, there is nothing more impressive than being able to respond by recalling the latest news relating to that organization.

4. Markets Data Tool

Use Markets data to research companies before an interview

Before the interview, one way to ensure you know everything about them is to view their profile on our Markets Data pages. Here you can search for any publicly listed company and find the latest news, press releases & financials as well as a full company profile. You can even use our interactive charting tool to chart FT stories as an overlay to the share price to help identity significant events that affected a company’s stock.

5. Mobile Access

Mobile access for last minute research en route to an interview

When you are en route to the interview, what better way to check for any latest news affecting a company or its competitors by quickly checking our apps on your mobile phone or connected tablet device. You can also access your myFT homepage on the go, with news on the companies and topics you have been following right at your fingertips. The best kind of interview ice breaker is to mention a news article relating to the company that you read that same day.

Hopefully you will find these five top tips helpful for your interview preparation. Many students who have followed some or all of the above steps, fed back to us that they were much better equipped to answer interview questions and impress potential employers. If you don’t yet have access but would like a free trial to FT.com please visit ft.com/trial



I currently work at the Financial Times and am undertaking an online course in Digital Business Leadership. In the current module we have been asked to create a blog, so here is my first post!